About Black Oak Home Medical

At Black Oak Home Medical, an independently owned and operated medical supply store, our highest priority is the best interest of our patients/customers. We carry a large assortment of HME supplies and equipment. If we do not have an item in stock we will work very hard to get the item for our patients/customers.

Black Oak Home Medical is located at 4800 Crater Lake Avenue in Medford, Oregon, 0.2 miles south of E. Vilas Rd. on the west (northbound) side of Highway 62. For directions to Black Oak Home Medical, click BOHM DIRECTIONS

Our Black Oak Home Medical staff takes the time to get to know you as a neighbor and as a customer. We’re committed to supporting your health and wellness.

Black Oak Home Medical and the entire Central Drug Store Inc. family invite you to enjoy the HME2GO.com website, and use it to browse the extensive list of products. We hope you will find the secure online shopping cart system convenient and easy to use to purchase the site’s products, and will use it to simplify your shopping tasks.